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Horror Writing Project

2014-06-15 08:13:08 by Suprememessage

I'm in the middle of a few horror stories I'm writing. I take inspiration from authors like H.P. Lovecraft, focusing a lot of my plots on the unknown and what horrors may lay therein. However, I also do horror in other stories. If you find yourself enjoying, for example, my contribution to the 2013 Halloween Collab, you will most likely enjoy what I have in store.

Stick around and be sure to check them out when they're released. You can't really lose anything by giving them a read, anyway.

Several of them draw aspects from my true personal experiences, as well, so that should turn out unique. 

I hope that you guys will leave some reviews for my work once it is uploaded, so I can bring you the best content possible.


In addition, I've become a fan of the band Crossfade. I thought I'd bring it up, but it's not important enough for it's own newspost.

On another sidenote, I wonder if I'm still infamously stupid or not. Please let me know below.


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2014-06-15 09:25:12

Good luck, I'm experimenting some actuality not-fantastic tales right now


2014-06-15 15:10:46

go scootaloo