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Join the Society Badger today!

2012-08-25 22:43:31 by Suprememessage
Updated and why you should sign up
Hello, I am here to talk to you about the Society Badger, a great site that needs your HELP. At no cost to you, just participation in their community. I am a proud user of this site and can say I'm very happy with it from personal experienced and the like, and here are some things it boasts;

-Free registration

-Friendly users

-Relaxed rules (No unfair mods, joke threads are acceptable)

-A chat that is very active

-Free movie night, watch a movie for free with other users and the Admins every Thursday

-Have your own blog

-Have your own status updates

-Trained staff who will respond to your questions. The staff there is responsive and close to the users, unlike other sites that hide behind big corporate names.

-Friends list so you can keep in touch with users you like

-Link your TS account to Google +, twitter, Facebook, and more!

-Features some content not posted elsewhere on the internet

-HTML5 powered

These are all very compelling reasons to join. I'm just writing this as I go along. And you know, why not? It's a fresh community, a little over a year old. And it's full of surprises for those willing to look. And it's a lot of fun to get to know the people there. If you want to check out my page there it is "Unggoy with a Needler".

We also feature some Newgrounds members who also use this site:
and more!
It also has a community of people from other sites. And it's really a blast to talk to all the people there.

Drop by the society badger at:


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