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I was infected with adware.

2012-07-25 23:34:15 by Suprememessage

I am now using firefox, since the adware infected Chrome.exe

It was causing pop up windows and redirects so I fully uninstalled Chrome. I'm going to just use Firefox anyways.

Okay this is actually really bad, I had to use system restore as this is a trojan that removes files and opens a back door. While also hijacking my browsers.


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2012-07-25 23:42:06

Hmmm... what are you using for Anti-Malware protection?

(Updated ) Suprememessage responds:

AVG, i found out the problem is because this particular virus (Luhe.Sirefef.A) is a root-kit and thus harder to remove.


2012-07-25 23:49:20

Honestly Goggle Chrome Sucks. Firefox is best.

Suprememessage responds:

Chrome is for speed, firefox is for features.


2012-07-25 23:53:14

firefox to me is slow as hell because when i had it it caused me even more problems then chrome

Suprememessage responds:

I think Firefox is slower than Chrome by a long shot.


2012-07-26 00:48:33

Haha, on my computer, My Firefox got fucked up by a virus, so I've been using Chrome for like 3 months now. I still miss Firefox though, and i prefer it to Chrome, but Chrome is less vulnerable it seems.

Suprememessage responds:

Chrome is faster, but it doesn't support as many features.


2012-07-28 14:17:32

What nasty porn were you searching for?

Suprememessage responds: